The Disney Chimpanzee Movie Helps the Jane Goodall Foundation

People run, bake and grow beards to support good causes, and now the film industry -- with the Disney 'Chimpanzee' feature -- is stepping up its game and making cinematographic productions to raise funds as well as awareness for those in need. Disneynature, the independent film label of the Walt Disney Company that focuses of film nature documentaries, is working on a film which will help save chimpanzees. The label announced that it will donate a portion on their first week profit of the new movie ‘Chimpanzee’ to the Jane Goodall Institute. The foundation which helps protect great apes through research, education and advocacy will greatly benefit from the film which will open the second week of April 2012.

The film will surely warm hearts as it focuses on the life on a Chimp and its family in the Republic of Congo. Jane Goodall is thrilled with the collaboration of the film given that it would bring a much needed emphasis on the work that is needed to preserve the species and halt extinction. It would be interesting to see what other film houses will bring to the table in 2012 in terms of non-for-profit aid and charitable campaigns.