David Slater Worked with a Money That Snapped Photos of Himself

Pro photographer David Slater was in Indonesia to take some shots of the rare and endangered black crested macaque monkeys.  The animals are supposed to be inquistive and with good dexterity, but not as smart as the chimps.  Perhaps this monkey was looking to disprove that theory. 

When Slater left his camera unattended for a few moments, a beautiful macaque found it and started snapping! Intrigued by the reflection in the lens and the sound of the buttons when pressed, the monkey took hundreds of pictures by the time he returned, though almost none were in focus. The macaque even took a picture of David Slater!  Before leaving, Slater said, "I wish I could have stayed longer as he probably would have taken a full family album."  It looks like the monkey said, "Say cheese!"