Jean-Marie Vives Renders Realistic Scenes of Fantastical Premises

 - Aug 16, 2012
References: jeanmarievives & sweet-station
It’s not difficult to confuse the paintings of Jean-Marie Vives for photographs. After all, his realist approach is so convincing that he regularly lands jobs in Hollywood as a matte painter. But the illusions he creates are ultimately betrayed when you realize just how absurd his paintings truly are, and that's precisely why he renders them.

For instance, in this gallery, viewers are treated to multiple images of a police force arresting various primates. I’ll admit, I thought these pictures were real myself, with their authentic motion blur and high level of detail, but your eyes have simply been lied to by one of the most talented artists working in the industry.

Also featured in this Jean-Marie Vives gallery are images of homeless and incarcerated polar bears. Before you say, "how could anyone possibly fall for that?" take a look at these remarkable paintings yourself and then decide.