The Greg Sand ‘Remnants' Photos Blend Both Living and Dead

 - Sep 22, 2011
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If photo art has ever inspired you, the Greg Sand ‘Remnants’ photos will knock your socks off. Three photos from the subject’s past are cut down, then sand woven so that the new image formed is of a deceased person. The entire concept is thrilling and impressive.

The collection revolves around reminiscing about the past and how each moment of one's life becomes a memory. The cloth used in the series is a metaphor for these memories.

Artist and photographer Greg Sand portrays issues of time, death and existence that are uncomprehending and beyond most people's imagination. He tries to produce images that help define existence and reality. According to Greg Sand, "My work questions the nature of photographs and challenges the traditional definition of photography." These Greg Sand Remnants Photos are shocking and a must-see.