From Skewed Glitchy Portraits to Famed Pixelated Paintings

 - May 28, 2013
As technology becomes more advanced, so does the capacity for computer errors. Although in many cases glitches are unwanted, artists and designers are embracing this new aesthetic.

So much of how we experience and share the world is through handheld devices like cameras on cell phones and it is starting to seep from the virtual world to the real one. Despite originating from digital devices, many of these creations are brought from out behind the computer screen. Creators are experimenting with traditional craft and tactile objects like rugs, furniture, architecture and home decor.

These creations feature computer error-inspired pixels, 404 errors and glitches. Although the slight alterations are entirely intentional, there is still something "off" about glitchy items that makes you want to get things fixed.