There is No Need to Adjust Your Screen for the CILER 'Distorx' Series

In the CILER 'Distorx' series, the Mexican artist takes on the contemporary culture by revisiting the past. CILER's work has been exhibited worldwide and is known for defacing existing images to unleash their emotional substrate, this Distorx series is now different. By scanning vintage photographs of anything, from Soviet troops to ladies in mod fashion, CILER is reconceptualizing them with an unexpected glitchy aesthetic.

According to CILER's website the series "tries to question aesthetic stereotypes and forms that exist nowadays by distorting the meaning and original use to produce a different critical effect utilizing basic photographic elements like photography, photocopies and a small scanner." These modern day manipulations in the CILER 'Distorx' series provide the viewer with a new way to examine these images of the past using a fresh perspective.