These Dmetrius Rice Pieces are Vibrant and Spastic contributor Gerry Mak explains that his friend Dmetrius Rice's artwork is inspired by, "video glitches, cartoon hallucinations, and the digital apocalypse." Despite such destructive themes, the renderings are actually quite upbeat and whimsical.

Each piece is a whirling kaleidoscope of colors. Lines intersect and run away from one another to produce unusual shapes and patterns. However, there is more to this artwork than aesthetics.

At first glance, these pieces seem to be clearly abstract expressionist. With their bright colors, sharp contrasts and twirling polygonal shapes, they are reminiscent of Kandinsky paintings. With further though, however, one realizes that the pieces actually quite faithfully depict their subjects; video glitches, cartoon hallucinations and digital apocalypses just happen to look like abstract expressionist paintings for some reason.