From Elegant Dreamcatcher Trinkets To Patterned Furniture Designs

 - Aug 8, 2014
Along with the world of high fashion, the design industry is embracing bohemian decor styles and opting for eclectic products that reject minimalism.

Whether paying tribute to the flower child generation of the 70s or looking to mystical and spiritual imagery for inspiration, these bohemian decor examples embody character and feature a unique look that marries authenticity with style.

Standouts from this diverse list include retailer Anthropologie's decorative furnishings and accessories that are often created in partnership with global artisans and small communities. The shop is known for its bohemian aesthetic and offers quality products that give back to the community.

Other favorites include Etsy's range of handmade items that are sold by its community of artists, designers and craft lovers with an appreciation for eclectic style.