These Pixelated Animal Sculptures Will Have You Questioning Reality

 - May 27, 2011
References: shawnsmithart & designlov
These pixelated animal sculptures have got me wondering what the world would look like if everything I saw was pixelated. Well, maybe not, but these 8-bit creatures are still impressive any way you look at them.

These cubed animal masqueraders are the work of the talented Shawn Smith, who constructed the pieces using blocks made from wood, plastic and metal. Equally as impressive are the shadows that these creations cast when the light is shining just right. My favorite of the bunch are the vultures who have surrounded a fallen typewriter.

Smith's work reminds me of days when Playstation and Nintendo graphics still weren't that advanced and players had to supplant the grainy images with their own imaginations. On the other hand, these pixelated animal sculptures are already super detailed and so life-like.