The ‘Freckle’ Stop-Motion Music Video Uses Dots to Create A

 - Nov 27, 2012
References: & neatorama
The ‘Freckle’ stop-motion music video by director Mike Cantor uses Velcro dots to create perfectly surreal scenes.

The video utilizes over 19,000 handmade Velcro dots that were intricately positioned and captured to create a vibrantly brilliant music video over the course of 18 months. The dots are blended with captured images of lead singer Brandon Patton along with the other members of band MC Frontalot, which is self-described as "nerdcore hip-hop."

The video for Freckle takes viewers on an auditory and visual journey that transitions from earth-based interactions to playful jaunts in the cosmos. Cantor’s utilization of the vibrant dots to create images that are blended with real-life shots is described by the director as "Velcro rotoscoping" where, "thousands of colorful velcro dots are arrayed like pixels onto a grid, photographed, and then superimposed one frame at a time onto live-action video."