Super Pixel Bros by Retro Brad Strips Down Mario to Squares

 - Sep 15, 2011
References: bradsprojects & engadget
Super Mario Bros has evolved over the years, but I'm sure most have never seen it in the form of the Super Pixel Bros by a modder named Retro Brad.

Super Pixel Bros is a customized handheld game that strips down the original Mario to its core. If you thought the 80s version was extremely basic, then you're in for a big surprise. Retro Brad has managed to transform the entire game into 64 pixels -- in other words, all the characters and surroundings are just squares. Scores and levels are kept track of by an 8x8 LED matrix as the individual progresses throughout the game. On either side of the handheld console are eight buttons: the left functions for direction and the right operates as the jump button. All the sounds from the game have been programmed in as well.