From Chewbacca Mitt Ice Scrapers to NES Cartridge Pillows

 - Apr 28, 2013
ThinkGeek products are something that has been featured multiple times over many years on Trend Hunter. They have impeccable wit and creativity when it comes to making and selling merchandise.

If you're a geek, ThinkGeek is a website that can quickly become a bully on your wallet. It works with a lot of creative geniuses, as well as movie and television franchises, to bring an eclectic mix of really awesome stuff. Some of the things they create would have never made the market otherwise, so you can thank this geeky factory of magic merchandise for that.

The great thing about ThinkGeek products is the fact that every day you check for something new it will be there. The think tank at ThinkGeek is incredibly prolific and efficient. I can't wait to see what they have in store next!