The ThinkGeek Stress Balls are Gross Yet Helpful

 - Jul 22, 2012
References: thinkgeek & walltowatch
These pulsating ThinkGeek Stress Balls are a fun and gross way to relieve anxiety. Each of the balls come in a mesh-like bag, and when the user angrily squeezes it the gross blisters will pop out. The surprising different color produced is reminiscent of multiple large pustulating boils of horribly infectious diseases. The idea will not only cause a maximum gross-out factor for the user, but also all those around them.

The stress relievers were made by the online website ThinkGeek that claims on its Twitter to make, "cool products for technophiles, geeks and the occasional monkey." Available in four infectious diseases: Bubonic Plague (blue), Cooties (red), Smallpox (green) and Zombie Virus (orange), these ThinkGeek stress balls will help anyone lose their appetite for anger.