Scare the Dickens Out of Friends and Family with the Sawblade Throwing Disc

 - Oct 4, 2012
References: thinkgeek & gizmodo
From the creative geniuses at ThinkGeek comes another hilarious toy idea: the Sawblade Throwing Disc.

Let's face it, most guys who have seen a spare saw blade lying around have probably fantasized about throwing it around like a ninja star at one point or another. Sadly, our common sense and good moral judgement always seems to get in the way of a good afternoon of serrated blade chucking. That's all about to change thanks to the foam Sawblade Throwing Disc!

Since it's made of foam, it's perfectly suitable for throwing. You can use it to play frisbee with your friends in the park, or make it an accessory in your slasher-themed Halloween costume. You can even get some cheap laughs by throwing at unsuspecting bystandards and watching them freak out as they see a bloody saw blade come hurdling towards them -- well, maybe don't try that last one, but definitely use it for frisbee.