The Klingon Letter Opener is Based On the Star Trek Weapon the Bat'leth

 - Sep 18, 2012
References: thinkgeek & technabob
True Trekkies already know what this is, but for all of you who are less up on your Star Trek trivia, this Klingon Letter Opener is based off of the Bat'leth, a Klingon two-handed bladed weapon. As much as it looks like a toy, one should be careful when playing with this little blade.

The Klingon Letter Opener is made from stainless steel, and comes with a cast resin display to hold it on your desk. The blade is eight inches long and weighs eight ounces. That's a pretty impressive tool to attack your mail with! And, if your office rival has a light saber letter opener, you can feel free to declare war (in Klingon, of course,) and wage an epic office battle.

The Klingon Letter Opener is available through the ThinkGeek webshop.