The Marauder's Map is Perfect for Muggles

 - Jul 15, 2011
References: thinkgeek
The Marauder's Map (available at ThinkGeek) is an accurate depiction of the original map found in the Harry Potter franchise.

The map is a detailed parchment paper replica that, once unfolded, measures about 72 inches. The makers (unfortunately, not Moony, Wormtail, Padfood, and Prongs) say "We think every office could benefit from a Marauder’s Map. Just think about all of the awkward situations that could be avoided if you knew where everyone was at all times."

The Marauder's Map is the perfect gift to give the Harry Potter fanatic in your life.

Implications - Pop culture franchises will create products for fans to help the fans continue having a positive relationship with the brand and be able to escape the reality of their hectic lifestyles. This also helps buyers build a trust with the franchise, leading them to continue supporting this pop culture theme even after their reigns in theaters have ended.