The iCade 8-Bitty Turns the iPad Into an NES

 - Feb 15, 2012
References: thinkgeek
The iPad's transformation to an 8-bit gaming console is nearly complete with the release of the iCade 8-bitty. The iCade 8-bitty is a gaming remote designed by ThinkGeekto be used to play the retro 8-bit games available on the iPad and iPhone. The controller can also be used to play newer games, and features enough controls to operate even the most complicated mobile game.

The iCade 8-bitty has a D-Pad (directional pad), four face buttons, 'Select' and 'Start' buttons and two shoulder buttons. The 8-bitty is made using open source software. This ensures that game developers will be able to make their games compatible with the iCade 8-bitty no matter how futuristic and complicated they are. The iBitty is priced at $24 and is currently out of stock.