The Fruit Plotter Will Replicate Art Pieces Using Fruit Pellets

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: chordxxcode & trendpool
Developed by a feminist engineering company called CHORD xx CODE, the Fruit Plotter combines some of my favorite fields: advertising, programmable robots and tasty sweets!

Forget candy wrappers and cardboard packaging, the Fruit Plotter will let companies engrave their logo or brand name into meals using edible pixels. After uploading the desired image into a computer program, the Plotter will deposit and arrange small fruit pieces in the shape of the image. Any 256 x 256 pixel image can be translated into an edible pattern within five minutes. Although the Fruit Plotter can't replicate the Mona Lisa in detail yet, it has the ability to swap out ingredients, so if fruit pellets aren't you thing, try nuts, syrup or even grains.

Although a product's visuals are incredibly important in marketing, the Fruit Plotter hopes to synthesize the sense of sight with taste in order to develop the ultimate advertisement!