The Pixel Heart Friendship Necklace is a Cute Throwback Piece

 - Oct 14, 2012
References: etsy
If you and your best friend are total gaming nerds then you should grab a set of the Pixel Heart Friendship Necklaces. They're a total retro throwback to the good old days of Super Mario. These adorable geek-chic pieces will let the whole world know that you and your best friend are total gamers. You can grab a pair off of Etsy seller Licketycut's page.

The set comes with two halves of a pixelated Mario-inspired heart. If you absolutely love the design and don't have a nerdy best friend to share one with, then you can just keep the whole thing for yourself. The two halves easily clip together to make one big pixelated heart.

Grab a set and show off your nerdy side.