Jaebum Joo Simplifies Great Pieces in History

Behance artist Jaebum Joo bases his artwork off famous paintings and turns them into 8-bit masterpieces. Using the works of great artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Warhol, Joo adds his own tech-inspired twist.

All of the painting are still recognizable, even though they have lost much of the detail from the original version. While the original Mona Lisa has a mouth where one cannot tell if she is frowning or smiling, the pixelated version is obviously smirking. In an 8-bit version, Warhol’s can of Campbell’s Soup now looks like a power-up that Mario would get from jumping on a Goomba.

Jaebum Joo modernizes classic paintings by making them seem like they were created on a computer.