LEGO Nyan Cat Mimics Computer Pixels with Children's Toy Blocks

 - Aug 31, 2011
References: flickr & brothers-brick
Internet memes are crossing out of the digital realm and infecting the real world, as demonstrated by this LEGO Nyan Cat. Using the children's blocks toy to emulate pixels of a computer screen, the LEGO Nyan Cat is a dead-on recreation of your favorite pop tart-bodied feline.

The LEGO Nyan Cat is the work of Joris Blok, who has a stellar collection of LEGO creations over on his Flickr page. Now all Blok needs to figure out is how to make his LEGO Nyan Cat play the infectious Nyan Cat theme.

Implications - Internet memes have become highly popular among consumers because they act as a source of humorous tension relief while also providing consumers with conversation pieces to discuss with their peers. Corporations may consider referencing a meme in media campaigns in order to invoke empathetic relationships from consumers.