These Superhero Asterisks by Filip Lysyszyn Are Fontastic

 - May 30, 2011
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These Superhero Asterisks by Filip Lysyszyn transform the standard asterisk into an iconic comic book character. The series above features some of Marvel and DC's finest characters, including Wolverine, the Incredible Hulk, Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.

Each of the Superhero Asterisks has been customized with the character's familiar costume and a few of its most recognizable attributes. I adore how Superman's famous cowlick and the Incredible Hulk's flat-top haircut were even preserved. These details set apart the other font-based art series we've seen in recent months.

Filip Lysyszyn is a freelance graphic designer based in Poland whose works all exhibit a strong visual identity. The Superhero Asterisks are among his more whimsical typographic creations. I wouldn't mind seeing these fontastic superheroes on a poster or T-shirt.