David Schwen Uses Real-Life Ligature to Bring Letters Together

 - May 14, 2011
References: behance.net & bumbumbum.me
Graphic designer and illustrator David Schwen finds ways to make everyday design so much more extraordinary. To kick off the 2011 year, Schwen started a portfolio project called Make Something Cool Every Day. In this project, he took company logos, pop-culture references and typography, turning it into something much more fun.

The latest work he has included in that series is this collection of ligature fonts. David Schwen took a series of letters in the same type and placed them close together on the computer. After printing them out, Schwen found more interesting ways to make them appear how they were drawn together.

David Schwen takes items such as tap, push pins, glue, paper clips and much more to bring these letters together in this awesome ligature collection.