From Delicately Carved Egg Shells to Intricate Pumkin Sculpts

 - Feb 8, 2013
Almost any object you can think of can be delicately carved into a masterpiece. It sometimes takes breaking away from wood to make the most interesting works.

Popular mediums of this carved art form include crayons, fruits & vegetables and even eggs shells. The different textures and densities would make carving into anything other than traditional forms like wood somewhat of an interesting learning process. With soft objects like bananas, artists must find it difficult to keep a steady hand and not destroy the masterpiece.

Preservation of these alternative carvings would be another obstacle. With wood, the piece can last forever as long as it isn't damaged by outside forces. When it comes to many of the other mediums like foods, the pieces would rot and go bad within days. I suppose it makes theses delicately carved works that much more beautiful.