Dominic Episcopo Uses Sirloins to Carve Out the USA

 - Sep 7, 2009   Updated: Jul 7 2011
References: huffingtonpost & likecool
Dominic Episcopo is a rare artist who uses meat as his canvas of creativity. The Philadelphia artist uses sirloins and ribeyes to carve out not only the continent of the United States, but several individual states as well.

His series, called “The United Steaks of America,” includes states such as Texas, New Jersey and California. I wonder what Dominic Episcopo does with his meat after he's finished carving the slabs?

Implications - Consumers like expressing their patriotism through various means because it satiates their desire to be individualistic. This is achieved once they share their accomplishments with other individuals, either through the Internet or in person, and they feel a sense of validation. Corporations can monetize consumer validation by offering their customers an outlet to express their individuality.