- Apr 16, 2013
These gag gifts for mom are the best way to thank that special lady who brought you into this world and subsequently tolerated years of your whiney and needy attitude. With Mother's Day is quickly approaching, it's time to return the favor by giving your mom a hilarious and ironic present that will sum up that playful relationship you have with her. If she's like most moms out there, she will at least pretend to love it anyway -- so why not take advantage of that?

There are many gag gifts for mothers out there including aprons and oven mitts showcasing tattooed bikers, necklaces and earrings crafted to look like steaks, and bars of soap that look like guns. I do however recommend that you purchase an alternative gift to go with this humorous one, since your sweet mother surely deserves something nice too.

From Busty Super Heroine Aprons to T-Bone Steak Earrings: