No One Will Know You're on the Phone Thanks to the EARonic

 - Sep 15, 2011
References: collabcubedshop & gizmodo
Should you ever want to maintain the illusion that you're not on the phone, you can pick up the EARonic and beguile everyone you know!

A phone held up to your ear is a strong social cue that few miss. It speaks volumes, saying things like "I'm busy," "Don't talk to me," or "I'll deal with you later." If you've ever wanted to send a different, more lighthearted message to people around you, the EARonic should be of service. Fabricated by Daniela Gilsanz at the Rhode Island School of Design, these iPhone 4 cases will camouflage the side of your face and give others the impression that you're just scratching your ear. Regardless, the novelty of this piece is off the charts!

Unfortunately, the EARonics only come in a handful of shades -- let's hope you're a pierced, tanned white guy with sideburns!