The uWave Plays Youtube Videos While You Wait for Your Food to Warm

 - Nov 22, 2011
References: uwaved & thatsnerdalicious
It may be a rush to judgment, but I am declaring the uWave the microwave of the future. The uWave is a microwave designed to play YouTube videos while your food warms. The microwave matches your cook time with the highest rated YouTube video of the same time to ensure that your two-minute Ramen soup cooking session is as entertaining as possible.

The uWave was designed by a team of University of Pennsylvania students competing in the PennApps hackathon. The uWave uses a tablet computer and some ingenious coding to match your cook time to a YouTube video. While the uWave looks like something MacGuyver would invent, I still stand by it as the microwave of the future. The world has become one that is dominated by a need for entertainment at all times. If people watch YouTube on the bus, in the car and at work, then why wouldn't they watch it in the kitchen?