From Geometric Birdie Mailboxes to Microwave Mailboxes

 - Oct 1, 2013
While modern individuals often receive important information or notifications through e-mail or online, paper mail is still a very popular method for older generations, and these quirky mailboxes are offering some humorous ways to make getting your letters more enjoyable.

Letterboxes are a practical way to differentiate one's mail from another, and these quirky mailboxes are showcasing how homeowners can put their own personal twist on these otherwise ordinary outdoor products. A great way to not only customize your outdoor decor but also to give your postman a good laugh when he or she swings by, these quirky mailboxes will surely make your home the most humorous one on the block.

From mailboxes shaped like Sci-Fi vessels to those personified with eyes and even bodies, these quirky mail carriers will definitely add some fun to your everyday letter routine.