From Inbox To Yard

 - Sep 28, 2007
References: geeksugar
If you feel like getting creative with your old computer, or you simply want to share your love for Apple with the world, consider putting an Apple Computer mailbox in front of your house. This is by far the most creative use I've seen for an old G4 case. Maybe the inventor wanted more than virtual junk mail in his inbox and decided to give the old-school post man the chance to deliver the goods.

"How long do you think it will last before someone tries to a) beat it with a hockey stick or b) steal it cause they think it's valuable?" Geek Sugar asks. "When I was growing up, any mailboxes that were shiny and new got destroyed as soon as they were put up. Let's just hope this one is in a safe neighborhood free of bats, sticks, stones and PC lovers!"