The TomTom Letterbox Celebrates Suburban and Outback Australia

The practice of collecting your mail at the end of your driveway has become foreign to many suburban North American households. The TomTom Letterbox epitomizes the Australian postbox, both in concept and in composition.

Combining the most common elements of the stand-alone mailbox, DesignByThem have produced a generously sized rectangular prism for the primary compartment and paired it with a broad curved top. The open gap beneath this arch is the perfect size for inserting a newspaper, and the main container is fit to receive many letters and packages before it must be unlocked and emptied at the back.

The smooth rounded edges of the TomTom Letterbox give it a generally contemporary appearance, but it's the earthy color scheme that really situates it. The charcoal compartment references long stretches of road, the red and orange emulate the earth, and the green, gray and yellow are reminiscent of dry Australian vegetation.