The Joan Rojeski Primer C Increases Communication in the Office

 - Oct 16, 2012
References: joanrojeski & blog.leibal
The Joan Rojeski Primer C is a modern mailbox for the workplace. The idea behind the Spanish designer's work is to create more social interaction in offices by decreasing the volume of electronic devices and email. Therefore, the colorful steel boxes let users have their own private lock storage box for mail. Attached to that is a news slot where fellow coworkers may place a book, magazine or anything they wish to share with their comrades.

The invention is compact enough to fit on a shelf or line a wall without creating an issue. It is also very tastefully crafted and visually enticing. Rojeski used vibrant inviting colors that make you want to leave notes in the boxes. The Joan Rojeski Primer C will make receiving mail a pleasure once more.