For Very Special Deliveries

 - Nov 1, 2008
References: uglymailbox & urlesque
If you wish to post a letter to Australia in time for Christmas, a badly written sign in my post office informs me I am already too late. Every cloud has a silver lining and that less-than-brilliant news led me to this awesome collection of mail boxes anyone would be delighted to have gracing their front lawn.

These come from a website that contains ONLY ugly mailboxes, so good work,

They say that a mailbox speaks volumes about who you are, in which case I am running scared from these home owners especially the mail box that clearly belongs to a member of the New World Order.

Of course, this is total speculation, but not one to hold back I'd say the 'blue lady' home owner is into latex, the 'mail chain' owner visits dungeons, and not for history lessons. I am also totally convinced the tug boat owner has a white beard and looks like Captain Birdseye.

The good (orchid), the bad (take your pick), the ugly (ditto) and the insane (all of them) are all featured.