These Nuking Novelties Transform Old Kitchen Appliances Into Mail Receptacles

 - May 29, 2011
References: instructables & unplggd
Microwave mailboxes are genius DIY designs that are finally hitting streets and sidewalks. These hot mail houses may seem like a nuking novelty, but really, they make a lot of sense. Microwave mailboxes are much larger than your average metal mail container and could definitely hold medium packages as well, saving you a drive to the post office.

Perhaps most importantly, microwave mailboxes can weather the weather. They are completely waterproof since the appliance's door shuts and clicks into place firmly. Traditional mailbox flaps are hinged and open from the top, allowing rain to drip inside and make your love letters soggy.

Microwave mailboxes are a genius idea; unfortunately, they won't scorch bills and tax receipts to toast. This is one radiating radical design.