Mario YOUCH Piranha Plant Earrings for Ladies Who Love Nintendo

 - Aug 6, 2011
References: etsy & whokilledbambi
Anyone who's played Super Mario Brothers growing up will likely recognize the Mario YOUCH Piranha Plant Earrings by lizglizz.

As a refresher, the Piranha Plant in the Mario games is an enemy that comes out of green pipes and should be avoided before it eats you up. The Mario YOUCH Piranha Plant Earrings replicate the character perfectly in the form of a jewelry that I'm sure even non-gamer females would appreciate. Designer lizglizz maintains the authentic look of the character from its red, white and green colors right down to the earrings' cartoon look. The mouths open to reveal the pins that go through the ear; in other words, the design is meant to make it look like the plant has caught you. Any females you know who love Mario will definitely get a kick out of this.