Live Long and Prosper While Using the Spock Oven Mitt

 - Nov 7, 2012
References: thinkgeek & thegreenhead
The Spock oven mitt is not exactly the easiest glove to use when grabbing searing hot pans out of the oven, but it is one of the most-die hard Star Trek cooking accessories.

Those who watch Star Trek are very familiar with the Vulcan sign of peace, you might of even adopted it as your own greeting. The giant slip-on glove is fashioned in the friendly gesture and includes the bottom of Spock's blue tunic sleeve. Whether you want to or not, when your hand slips into the Spock oven mitt you will have no choice but to offer a Vulcan peace sign to your lasagna, cakes and people around you.

The mitt is made of cotton and is lined with polyester for easy washing.