These Web Comic Aprons Comment on Cooking Styles

 - Feb 2, 2013
References: topatoco
Everyone knows someone who’s rocking a vegetarian lifestyle, and these web comic aprons make a cunning commentary on the lifestyle choice.

With the help of Dinosaur Comics, you can now offer vegetarians some food for thought, in the form of a funny apron. The "Let’s hope vegetables don’t have souls" apron brings some humor to your dinner prep, while making veggie lovers everywhere cringe just a little. It can be found on TopatoCo, where you can also track down hilarious aprons made by various other web comic creators, such as the "Hope you like unicorn" apron by Raptor Bandit Industries, or the "I make bread fun" apron by Questionable Content.

With cooking gear like this, you’re guaranteed to get a few laughs, or at the very least, raise a few eyebrows.