‘Bootie Babe’ Varnishes are Voluptuous

If you like nail polish and you cannot lie, and your other brothers can’t deny, these voluptuous ‘Bootie Babe’ varnishes are for you.

Available in a sea of shades, the nail polishes come in a distinctly anatomy-inspired shape which (no doubt) inspired the company name. Essentially appearing like a colorful, filled-out pair of shorts, these are a serious injection of sass to the often ladylike nail industry. With names like ‘Brink of Pink,’ ‘Purp Slurp’ and ‘Pinky Dinky,’ these cosmetics are clearly trying to make a statement. ‘Bootie Babe,’ the company behind the polish, carries an accompanying and appropriate fun-loving branding style. Though the nail varnishes are the most heavily covered product sold, the brand’s website also touts tongue-in-cheek perfumes and backpacks as well.

Wild without being offensive, these nail polishes are sold in cleverly provocative packaging which sets the brand far apart from the rest of the nail market. ‘Bootie Babe’ varnishes, love them or hate them, are stir-causing products.