The Prank Pack Pet Sweep is a Fake Gift Box

 - Jan 7, 2013
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The Prank Pack Pet Sweep may seem ridiculous, especially to actual pet owners, but that's because it is meant to be, as the inclusion of 'prank' in its name suggests. A cleaning kit for canines, it appears to target people who are too lazy to do the chores themselves. If they don't have a kid to dress up in a Baby Mop to help out, at least they can use their dogs.

It reality, the Prank Pack Pet Sweep is an empty box that allows crafty individuals to mask their true gifts with. A sly move to say the least, receivers will be in for a bit of puzzlement before opening it up. Thankfully, they won't find the four attachments advertised on the box including the PetPlow and PetBroom.