Trick Instead of Treat Your Guests with Zombie Brain Cupcake Soaps

 - Oct 10, 2012
References: etsy
If you want to creep out and confuse your guests at your next Halloween party, these zombie brain cupcake soaps are the perfect investment.

Stick a few of these zombie brain cupcake soaps around the house, and not just in the washrooms. These brains are so realistic, they're easily confused as edible snacks. In fact, they even comes in a cola scent so they even smell edible. Etsy user Lauren Miller included a lot of detail into these cupcakes to, ironically, bring them to life. The dark gelatinous goop looks a lot like zombie blood oozing from the sides. Leave a couple of these dainty delicacies around the kitchen as well, near the sink or on the counter, and see which unfortunate guest is tipsy enough to pick it up and dig in.