The Brass Knuckle Tenderizer is Tough Enough to Tenderize Any Meat

 - Jan 17, 2013
References: shutupandtakemymoney
You might not be a fan of violence, but the Brass Knuckle Tenderizer will allow you to get a little bit of aggression out in a healthy way. The quirky tenderizer is crafted to resemble brass knuckles, which seems a bit brutal, but is actually a great way to quickly prepare meats for cooking.

The Brass Knuckle Tenderizer fits onto your hand the way a set of brass knuckles would and features a surface on the top that is perfect for easily pounding chicken or beef into BBQ-ready cuisine. Other tenderizers might slip out of your hand while you're working away, but the Brass Knuckle Tenderizer allows the chef to keep a steady grip without fears of missing the target or dropping the device.