From Bathroom-Themed Beer Holders to Comically Clinical Can Cozies

 - Nov 21, 2013
Holding a cold or hot beverage for too long can be harmful for your hands, which is why these wacky drink holders are here to offer some humorous ways to hold your beverages for as long as you wish.

While beer cozies or beverage sleeves may seem like eye sores to some, their practical and convenient usage allows drinkers to easily consume hot and cold beverages without doing harm to their hands. A great way to add some personality and humor to an ordinarily mundane drinking accessory, these wacky drink holders will definitely make enjoying a beverage a much more playful experience. From beer cozies designed to resemble retro video game characters to designs shaped like footballs and prescription bottles, these wacky drink holders will definitely add a fun and humorous touch to any ordinary beverage.