The Inflight Coffee Cup Holder Will Make Flying Easier

 - Jul 20, 2013
References: kickstarter
On it's own, travelling can be a harrowing experience, and with the Inflight coffee cup holder, it can make just one aspect of flying a bit easier.

On a plane, there isn't very much room, and any extra space you can be given feels like a miracle. The space issue gets particularly tricky when you have a drink. Other than the folding tray, there is nowhere else to put the drink, and more often than not, the pocket in front of you will spill. Inflight solves the problem by becoming a holder that clips onto the front pocket. This prevents your coffee or soda from spilling, while leaving it accessible to you when you are thirsty.

The Inflight coffee cup holder will help to make travel a little bit easier, and will help to keep you hydrated.