'Bringing a Little Class to the Front Porch'

 - Apr 13, 2008
References: 40cozystore & 40cozy
Malt Liquor is rarely perceived as a luxury drink. In fact, the drink is often consumed on the streets in a paper bag. But now, Malt Liquor Cozies from 40 Cozy bring a little extra to your malt liquor consumption.

The company's tag-line is, "Bringing a little class to the front porch."

True to the edgy and fun image, the website notes, "Think back to last time you were sitting on the front porch smoking weed and drinking 40s. Remember what a buzzkill it was when the wet pearls of condensation on the outside of the bottle kept making your fingers wet and your blunt soggy? It must have sucked, but henceforth you'll be able to stay high with your hands dry now that you can wrap your favorite malt liquors in sweet, soft 40 cozies.”