- Feb 8, 2014
These adorable drink sleeves are perfect for any coffee or tea drinker looking to keep their hands clear of any spills or burns.

While drinking a hot beverage is definitely a great way to warm up during those cold, winter months, sometimes holding them can just be too much for your sensitive hands. Drink sleeves and cozies offer individuals a practical way to enjoy their drinks without the hot sensation translating to their hands. Instead of opting for the simple, paper sleeve, why not choose one that adds humor and personality to the process? These adorable cozies have incorporated designs that resemble such features as clothing, video game characters and animals, adding an eclectic appearance to your otherwise ordinary drinks.

Perfect for those interested in standing out from the crowd, these adorable drink sleeves will definitely add charm to any hot beverage.

From Cozy Teacup Sweaters to Crocheted Creature Cozies: