These Knitstorm Mug Cozies are Warm and Wordy

 - Jul 29, 2011
References: Facebook & etsy
If your boiling beverage is quickly cooling down, cover it with some of these hot Knitstorm mug cozies.

Knitstorm is an Etsy shop which is managed by designer and knitter Katy Reiser of New Jersey. Katy creates cute cozies for cups and mugs that are colorful for their colors and conversation. These adorable mug huggers come in a variety of shades and boast several silly statements. Some of them come in pairs for coffee-craving couples, reading "hers" and "his" or "mine" and "yours." Other Knitstorm mug cozies are more comedic, shouting things like "NOM" and "Wakey!"

Any one of these Knitstorm mug cozies will make you giggle as you guzzle.

Implications - Consumers appreciate novelty products that contain humor as they entertain while being functional. Companies can incorporate comedic references or qualities into their product designs to appeal to humorous consumers who wish for an enjoyable relationship with their products.