The Fighting 4 Fitness Campaign Makes Sustenance Part of Your Strategy

 - Mar 26, 2011
References: fighting4fitness & adsoftheworld
A lot of people figure that if they work out, they can eat whatever they want, but as the Fighting 4 Fitness campaign cleverly points out, food is a major factor for the improvement of one's physique.

The team of coaches and dietitians at F4F offer an integrative approach to enhancing your body. They pride themselves on professional boxing and nutritional training in a society that, in general, does not take consumption seriously. They teach both seasoned athletes and people new to exercise about how what they put in their mouths can affect performance seriously, and these advertisements by The Raft convey this message quite literally.

Replacing boxing gloves with oven mitts, a mouth guard with an orange slice and a punching bag with a pear, the Fighting 4 Fitness campaign is clearly no advocate for the protein powder binge.