Cynthia Poon's Musical Lawn Mower Helps Kids Compose Yard Work Symphonies

 - Apr 5, 2013
References: cynthiapoon
Any parent will tell you that chores and children don't always mix. The faster you can get your kids to understand the importance of helping out around the house, the better, so thankfully industrial designers like Cynthia Poon are taking note of this with creations like her musical lawn mower toy that makes it easier to bridge the gap between work and play.

At first glance, you would never suspect Poon's musical lawn mower to be a plaything because of its demure design. Fashioned out of gorgeous Oak Cherry wood, this interactive children's toy has a sanded exterior that makes it look as if it should be hanging in an art exhibit.

When the musical lawn mower is pushed, the wonderfully color coordinated red pegs housed at its base interact with the roller to sound off different notes and get your kids on the road to having agreeable cleaning habits.