- Jan 29, 2015
These multifunctional toy examples range from transformative dollhouses to changeable action figurines that are fun to customize. While Torafu Architects' collapsible dollhouse chair triples as an interactive toy, a seat and a storage unit, the Hello Kitty model kit gives kids an opportunity to personalize the popular character in a way that appeals to them.

In addition to entertaining and pop-culture themed products, these multifunctional toy examples also include educational toys and dual-purpose home accessories that can double as interactive toys and furniture pieces.

A standout from this list is the Animal Kingdom Safari set from Click-a-Brick. The building block product is an affordable LEGO alternative and gives kids an opportunity to learn while expressing their creativity. The 30-piece set fuses quality and quantity and inspires kids to build while learning about wildlife.

From Transformative Doll Houses to Changeable Action Figurines: