NeatoShop's Novelty Oven Mitt is Bad to the Bone

 - Apr 5, 2013
References: neatoshop
This novelty oven mitt by NeatoShop will turn wimpy baking into a badass pastime. The mitts aren't for making cupcakes and quiches, but instead meat lover's lasagnas and bacon-wrapped turkeys.

But in all seriousness, these mitts are pretty hilarious. They juxtapose bad with good quite effectively. Normally when you think of a baker in oven mitts, you may visualize a sweet old grandma or perhaps a well-groomed foodie; biker types are not traditionally characterized as master chefs.

This novelty oven mitt will bring out the badass in all of us with a macho tattooed arm. It will almost look as though you don't need mitts, you can just grab the piping hot food with a bare fist. As such, it would make an excellent gag gift for mom.